French designer Ferréol Babin’s collaborations with Pulpo express his unique organic approach to form, with a touch of the whimsical. Our first collaboration saw the inclusion of ceramic pieces inspired by both nature and the urban environment. From the structured forms of the Building containers, to the fluid gloss-glazed Lake bowls and the textured Mountain vases. Our latest collaboration sees the brut shelf join our collection with a contrast in form and materiality. Using different types of glass as the structural boundary of the series, solid marble slabs appear to float within. Babin is not defined by a medium, but a hands-on approach to his practice. Always the first one to get his hands dirty, Babin mixes brutalist influences with the delicacy of craft. From his paired back collaborations with editors, to his unique pieces for galleries and exhibitions – each piece expressing its own voice through an almost sculptural touch. Congratulations Ferréol!


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