Appearing as both futuristic and an ancient relic, the FG series of ceramic objects seem to defy definition. Dutch designers Visser & Meijwaard have used their own heritage as a functional starting point for the collection – the traditional 18th century cabinet set. Combined with industrially produced contemporary forms, the results are striking and bold.
With decorative elements inspired by garden hardware, the series combines motifs from hose ends, taps and fixings, with strong functionality. Presented in a sleek black finish, the FG series is further mystified to its user. Combining these seemingly at odd motivations, Visser & Meijwaard have created pieces that present a quintessential 21st century fiction.
The FG series is made up of an open vase and a container with lid; all produced in ceramic. A matt black glaze is used to accentuate the series’ lines and curves. Whether used for their intended functions or purely as an ornament; the FG series is sure to get those conversations started.

Each piece is created from handmade matt glazed ceramic. Streaks and other variations in size and colour are part of the production process, and not defects of the design or production.

the designers

Visser & Meijwaard is a design studio by Steven Visser (1985) and Vera Meijwaard (1988) founded in 2013 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The designer duo creates distinct but minimalistic products of which versatile materials and clear shapes constitute the essence. In their work Visser and Meijwaard are guided by components from archetypical products and find new ways to apply them.

Steven and Vera met in 2008 at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. During their studies they specialized in Product Design. After they graduated in July 2012, he with a collection of gentleman’s accessories, she with a collection of very feminine high heels, their focus shifted towards interior and set design.


FG 1


FG 2


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