One part coloured, two parts lacquered. Or was it three parts mirrored to one part textured gold. Inspired by the endless possibilities of glass; composition, texture and finishing, the Gin series of tables are as balanced as your favourite evening beverage. Sebastian Herkner has acted as mixologist on a set of tables – simple in appearance, that dive head first into the endless world of glass. Celebrating a centuries old material with a contemporary twist of lime.

Working alongside glass specialists Glasfritz, the Gin series showcases the breadth and individuality of sheet glass. Combining coloured white and mirrored glass, to lacquered green, white and textured gold, or the ever-stylish black and white, with an option of textured silver or gold. Each member adds a touch of class to the Gin cabinet.

A sleek black steel base highlights the geometrically divided glass centrepiece that is each tabletop option. Mixed with equal parts styled minimalism and textured elegance; the series is available in a higher side table, or two broader coffee tables, making Gin the perfect spot to share a nightcap or a hair-of-the-dog.

Each piece is created from glass sheet in a combination of lacquered, textured and mirrored finishes. The frame is constructed in black powder coated steel.

the designer


Multiple award-winning designer Sebastian Herkner creates furniture, lighting and installations – often combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary techniques. On his travels and in his Offenbach am Main based studio, he develops concepts and artefacts with strong cultural and social influences. His clients: museums, fairs and the most famous design manufacturers of our time. pulpo met Sebastian Herkner while he was still a student. Today designer and house of design are bound by a close creative friendship.






A textured gold or silver segment, mixed with a dash of white, and topped off by the deep tones of green lacquered glass. The Gin Medium coffee table is the result of a beautifully balanced array of glass forms. Celebrating the myriad of tones and textures glass contains – a sectioned centrepiece sitting proud atop a simple black steel base.





With its stretched scale, the Gin Large coffee table is as perfectly balanced as your favourite party pitcher. With an elegant composition of black and white lacquered glass, mixed with either textured silver or gold – this member of the Gin drinks cabinet is equal parts timeless simplicity and refined luxury.



As uncomplicated in composition as its namesake, the Gin high table exerts its presence through a timeless simplicity. Two parts lacquered white glass is presented alongside one part mirrored glass, sitting atop a simple black steel frame. The result is a perfect nightcap companion – simple in its makeup, with just the right amount of bubbles.

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