floor light



Standing tall and proud, the Heron floor lamp makes an impactful addition to your interior. Its bold yet playful character continues Hermann August Weizenegger’s unique take on scale and proportion – presenting a lamp that has a graceful silhouette and a resolute footprint.
Inspired by the soft lines and proud stance of the Heron waterbird, Weizenegger has transported this natural motif into a much more industrial context. The bending of oversized hollow steel tube has been utilised to represent the elongated neck and tucked wings of the Heron. Recreating the tall stance of the waterbird, the Heron floor lamp creates a strong presence in any environment to shine its LED light source down from its lofty 1.84m height.
Available in a smooth silver, or textured steel surface in red or blue, the Heron floor lamp beautifully melds a soft gracefulness with bold materiality. A playful companion that will stand proudly by whether your agenda is a good book, or a nightcap with friends.

the designer

Hermann August Weizenenger (born 1963) studied Industrial Design at Berlin University of the Arts. Following his degree, he enjoyed 16 years of international success with his own design agency, Vogt+Weizenegger. In 2009 he founded his studio “HAW”. Since 2004 he has been Professor of Industrial Design at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.