Channeling precious reposititories of the past, please welcome a touch of elegance to your tablescape with Bola by German design studio RSW. Demonstrating their unique mic of contemporary minimalism and surprising use of colour and form, RSW has contributed a sleek and sensual series of boxes. Not to be content housing jewels, these boxes exude their own prized qualities, transforming themselves into cherished tablescape items for future generations.

Reminiscent of ancient China, the Llano set of boxes detail a more eastern appeal. An oxidised green stained covers the geometric beech wood exterior, topped off with the circular form in shimmering black ceramic.

The Llano set of of decorative boxes is produced expertly with intricate finger joined edges. The textured feel of their beech wood construction is exquisitely offset by the glossy sparkle of glazed ceramic top pieces. RSW has expressed their unique approach to contemporary form and materiality. Your own treasured tablescape; mixed with the old and with the new.

Each piece is made from beech wood, finger joined and stained. Each top piece is handmade in ceramic and applied with a glossy glaze. Streaks and other variations in size and colour are part of handmade production processes, and not defects in the design or production.



the designer


No matter if it is a high-tech e-bike or a decorative objet, the designers of RSW stand for a keen sense of observation and exceptional creativity – proven by numerous awards. For the pieces Sven Rudolph, Carsten Schelling and Ralf Webermann designed for pulpo, they created a timeless style, which mixes contemporary with symbolic shapes, never leaving out a touch of magic.

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