pulpo proudly introduces the Fabulously Awesome Tablescape. A myriad of new vases, boxes, trays, glasses, carafes and decorative items makes a nice addition to the pulpo ́s collection of lighting, furniture and accessories.

The new accessories are designed to build diverse and playful landscapes of small and not so small objects on tables, sideboards, etc.

As always and according to pulpo ́s philosophy, the creations underline the noble and long-lasting materials they are made of – bronze, ceramic, glass, wood, as well as using more experimental technics, such as fat lava glaze or ceramic-covered foam.

Continuing its successful collaborations with Sebastian Herkner and Meike Harde, the pulpo family grows and welcomes four new designers: Kai Linke, Ferréol Babin, Studio RSW, and Studio Furthermore.

With this FAT collection, everyone can now get a glimpse of the essence of what pulpo is about, and we hope you ́ll enjoy it!


by Kai Linke

A crash, a tower, a herd, a flock. However you name this groupe, they simply belong together. Stirred by explorations into nature and art, German designer Kai Linke has handcrafted a diverse crowd. Quaint yet bold. Rough yet radiant. Kai’s animal statuettes are the perfect pint-sized companions.

Make comrades with a swan than can glide into your open hand; or a slender and proud giraffe. A curious deer amongst your own tables cape savannah; or maybe it’s the elusive rhino to complete your centrepiece.

Each of Kai’s pieces have been sculpted and formed by hand using paper and tape. A simplicity in construction that has been charmingly honoured through to the final cat bronze forms. Each crease and line has remained intact; creating a charismatic group you will want to touch and hold. And as the natural patina of bronze develops over time, your story with the animal statuettes will grow. A group of tactile companions brought to life by the designer’s hands and the artisan tools.


by Ferréol Babin

These charming additions allow you to create a true tablescape environment; from the tones and textures of the urban landscape, to a more rural setting or a dramatic mountaintop. Inspired by his own natural and artificial surroundings, French design Ferréol Babin has delightfully crafted this set of three ceramic structures. An almost whimsical set of buildings, mountains and lakes that bring a sense poetry to functional table objects.

Keep your treasured possessions “safe as houses” with the geometric glazed Building boxes. Architecturally inspired, their lines exteriors are topped off with a generous cantilevered top. From the city to the countryside – a set of Lake bowls with flowing lines and smooth surfaces provide tranquility. Available in two distinct colour ways – from an icy cobalt blue, to a tropical turquoise, they have the climates covered. Lastly, and with a dramatic inclusion to the tablescape, enter the textured ceramic Mountain vases. Their quintessential forms rise up, providing an elevated point to display a real world floral arrangement.


by RSW

Channeling precious reposititories of the past, please welcome a touch of elegance to your tablescape with Bola by German design studio RSW. Demonstrating their unique mic of contemporary minimalism and surprising use of colour and form, RSW has contributed a sleek and sensual series of boxes. Not to be content housing jewels, these boxes exude their own prized qualities, transforming themselves into cherished tablescape items for future generations.

Transporting you to the glamour of 1920’s New York, the Bola boxes hark back to the containers of Tiffany. Featuring generous chamfered edges and a depp stained beech wood exterior, their low silhouettes topped off with a jewel-like ceramic button.Reminiscent of ancient China, the Llano set of boxes detail a more eastern appeal. An oxidised green stained covers the geometric beech wood exterior, topped off with the circular form in shimmering black ceramic.

The Bola and Llano set of of decorative boxes are produced expertly with intricate finger joined edges. The textured feel of their beech wood construction is exquisitely offset by the glossy sparkle of glazed ceramic top pieces. RSW has expressed their unique approach to contemporary form and materiality. Your own treasured tablescape; mixed with the old and with the new.

At the meeting point between rough and refined, the Maket collection of ceramic objects step into your tablescape universe. German design studio RSW has experimented with a distinction between colour and texture to create a set of functional items with strong contemporary lines, and a playfulness in their realisation.

The Make collection features the striking use of a fat lava glaze to they upper half, a technique created in Germany during the early 20th century. The bubbles and streaks of the glossy lava glaze cascade down their stepped exterior, halting at the vibrant colours beneath. The sooth lines of pinks, blues and greys below offset the grandiose scene above. This contraction is further highlighted by a soft, matt finished to they coloured ceramic undersides.

The Make vases – that open up into displaying low vessels, demonstrate RSW’s approach to contemporary form and experimental finishes. Their stepped ceramic shapes flow into one another, bringing together colours, tones and textures to create unique objects. A set of intriguing items that can sit a centre your own tablescape scene.


by Meike Harde

Pick them, pour them, roll them, and hold them; a kaleidoscope of colour, form and texture awaits. The Potpourri collections by German design Meike Harde transport her eye for colour and configuration into a playful collection of carafes and glasses. Bold and extremely playful; four mixed bag families brought together by a shared display of bright hues and obscure silhouettes.

Each Potpourri family; consisting of a carafe and three glasses, has been crafted out of handblown glass. The cool nature of glass shook into life by a myriad of colours and textures; atop some enigmatic shapes. Each piece is unique, just like any good family.

A blue spindle-like carafe couple with a dark amber low glass. Or maybe it’s the temperament of a wide burgundy and smoke green centrepiece that takes your fancy? A slender pink focal point for your tabletop party. Or is it this colourful family of sprinkled cobalt, smoked green, amber and burgundy that stands out?

Whichever group you choose, your next tables cape party is sure to be full of character. With the Potpourri collections, the hardest part about drinks with friends might be picking a favourite.


by Sebastian Herkner

Bursting with life enters a decorative collection of curved forms into your tablescape composition. Container by Sebastian Herkner demonstrates a meeting point between conventional production and a bohemian approach to colours, finishes and processes. An intriguing mix of opacities and reflections that will leave you mesmerised.

Continuing Sebastian’s exploratory approach to colour and manufacturing, these hadnblown Container shimmer through transparencies and vibrant colour combinations. Their curved forms embellished by a dash of liquid silver injected into their still elastic shapes. Once called they reveal structure that are soft yet bold; objects that reflect their own multi-coloured universes onto your tablescape. From a shimmering gold and black to a silvered fuchsia, this generous collection contains a myriad of seductive combinations.

Choose between the thin, elongated Container, or its stout and curvaceous companion. With an illustrious double-walled form, their magnetising layered exterior will pull you closer. Wether they are displaying a sumptuous bouquet of flowers, or used as a keepsake for your most prized possessions, Container add a touch of glamour to your everyday.


by Studio Furthermore

Smacking like a meteorite through the centre of your tables cape is a set of objects that explore the fields of science, material and culture. Inspired by the stars, but grounded in a hands-on approach to materiality; comes the Neolit collection of ceramic-covered foam objects by London-based duo Studio Furthermore.

This texture group – with an exterior mirroring the moon’s surface, and a near weightlessness to match – will transport you into a universe where everything is not as it seems. Heightening their connection to the stars is a process mirroring that of space missions from earth. Studio Furthermore has taken inspiration from NASA’s own use of ceramic foams to create pieces with depths and character. Each foam structure is then dipped in ceramic before being fired at a precise temperature. Much like a comet entering the atmosphere, a little piece of space magic is left behind.

Three monolithic bowls that will surely become a tabletop centrepiece, each piece built up from rings of foam prior to their ceramic makeover. With layers inviting you to touch, and a lightness defying their solid construction; Neolit is a bold collection full of intrigue and mystery. A conversation starter if we ever saw one.





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