See you in Paris: CØR Studio

CØR Studio Paris is best described and characterized as Paris‘s most unique new showroom and event location.

Where to find it? It is located in the heart of the most fashionable district of Paris, Le Marais! As unique as its design and concept is the diverse functionality of CØR Studio: It can host everything! Looking for the perfect location for an intimate private dinner?

Planning a professional photo-/film-shooting? CØR Studio is the perfect location for all kinds of events and showrooms! If we learned something during the last couple of years, then it is that the need for intimate yet luxurious locations is more immanent than ever before! Small events, presentations of new designs and more need that kind of locations!

CØR Studio Paris presents a unique, yet edgy concept – a design fusion of Paris and Berlin, an eclectic mix of these two metropolises.

The design is absolutely unique: Like an apartment, including carefully curated assortment of interior products displayed within a living setting! This gives the place a fantastic warmth and makes it a feel-good oasis.

On the other hand, it is absolutely multifunctional, equipped with only the highest technical standards: sound-proof floor/windows/walls, a sound-system and a video-projector.

What separates it from similar visions and places is also the retail concept: it’s a shopable apartment space, which means that everything you can discover in the place, can actually be purchased. Brands which are displayed such as their products are not just selected with a high level of caution but they also will be promoted on all social media channels; collaborations are as transparent as it gets.


Where to find your Showroom in Paris: Location of CØR Studio

CØR Studio is located just around the corner of Paris Fashion week’s home Carreau du Temple and Rue de Bretagne in an old 18th century building.

Additionally, it is surrounded by a great variety of fashionable stores and galleries like Lemaire, Rombaut, Broken Arms, Perrotin – it is in the best company.


Design Principles and Furnitures

All design elements and furniture will get a huge visibility in great surroundings and CØR will use the multiplicational-effects of social media to carefully showcase the space and its uniqueness.

CØR Studio creates a unique set up, a luxury, stylish and modern scenery and aims for inviting people to take pictures, repost the space and enhance visibility and audience so without any limits.

As identified target group, CØR Studio attracts big brands from the fashion, design, start-ups scene, who are keen on integrating their own product and productions into this unique location.

CØR Studio’s vision is to become an outstanding design space with access for everyone!


Partnerships and why CØR Studio is unique

CØR Studio is actively looking for interesting and promising partnerships with brands in order to include some of their existing products to the already unique event location.

With a clear vision and the unique concept the focus for partnerships is on only a small selection of exclusive brands to team up with. CØR Studio mission is to feature the products of these exclusive brands in an elegant and lively way and to integrate them in the overall design vision.

For product sponsorship partners benefits include, amongst others like the visibility factor, that they will have the space for them to use as the brands showroom/events space/ or for a photo-shooting, for example during Maison&Objet.

Depending on the value of the existing and desired sponsorship, an equivalent of free use of the space will be provided. The partnership packages include a number of additional benefits: Professional photos before the opening, shot by the international photographer Nikolaz le Coq, visibility of the presented design pieces when brands like Hermes or Lemaire use it for their shootings or events and more.

All these factors make CØR Studio Paris a unique location with a concept, which just hasn’t been executed in this form! And it makes CØR Studio having a competitive edge over many other showrooms and event locations in Paris!


Products pulpo will present at CØR Studio

Pulpo is proud to present a number of products at CØR Studio during Maison&Objet on March 26th-27th.

Some examples of our products you should not miss:

Colorful, shiny, round: the unique handmade ceramic side tables imi are dedicated to the minimal artist with the same first name! The glazes, handpicked by imi’s designer Sebastian Herkner are fun to use and look at.

Clear lines, avantgarde shape: The base of tavolino2 side table and tavolo2 dining table designed by Julia Chiaramonti is made of powder-coated or lacquered aluminum waves tamed by a glass top available in a variety of colors. The solid base comes in beige red, fango green, ultramarine blue and smoky grey.

Visit us at CØR Studio Paris!