A special presentation by pulpo unveils new and established designs.

During the upcoming 3daysofdesign(June 7 – 9, 2023), pulpo will be sparking a fresh dialogue between its one-of-a-kind handmade solitaire products and Scandinavian design.This luxurious, iconic, and avant-garde experience will take place in two distinct locations in Copenhagen, and guests are cordially invited to join.

pulpo @ Frederiksgade

At Frederiksgade 1, the iconic German brand presents the novelties and classic designs in a new destination. New products by Sylvain Willenz and Sebastian Herkner explore the inherent material qualities of glass and ceramics creatively and invite visitors to get lost in the special details of their designs.

Frederiksgade 1, 1265 Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates and opening hours: 7-9 June, 10:00-18:00

Guided tour:
Thursday, 8th of June, 16:00-18:00

pulpo @ Beau Marché

Beau Marché’s store is currently featuring a dazzling exhibit of pulpo’s “oda limited edition” collection.This unique display showcases Sebastian Herkner’s timeless and iconic oda lamp, presented in eight distinctive one-of-a-kind editions. Each lampshade is a mesmerising work of art, crafted by skilled master artisans inVenetian glass manufacturing.This collection of glass shades boasts a luxurious range of finishes, colors, and textures that are sure to captivate visitors with their artistic allure. Come and immerse yourself in this exquisite display and experience the ultimate in creative experimentation.

Ny Østergade 32, 1101 Copenhagen, Denmark

Dates and opening hours: 7-9 June, 10:00-18:00

“oda limited edition” with Sebastian Herkner Thursday, 8th of June,18:00-20:00