As one of the most important aspects of everyone’s interior, luxury home lighting can not just change or affect, it can completely transform the look of a space in both directions: For better or for worse! A drab room can become a vintage luxury room full of flair, style and character, on the other hand, is there serious danger and effects on one’s mood and health if luxury home lighting is used in a not well-executed way. Headaches, tired eyes, fatigue, depression and more can be the result!

What is Luxury Home Lighting?

While it can mean and be interpreted in various ways, it can be defined by:

The Style of the home lighting expressed and performed: Luxurious Deco, Rococo and much more are possibilities for the style of the lighting here. It depends here of course also on the materials used, the execution, how well the lighting is done, how refined and detailed it comes across. The fixtures are another important element: Are they unique, do they create a sense of exclusivity and luxury feel? Materials used to affect the feeling a luxury home lighting triggers: Gold, crystals and more stand for luxury! Even so, this element lost its importance a bit in the modern world, for some the size is still an important attribute that adds to a luxurious appearance of a home lighting. And then there is the aura, the mystique, the sparkle the segment possesses and that catches the audience’s attention!

Luxury Home Lighting: The different types

There are three main types of luxury home lighting: ambient, mood and accent. 

Ambient Lighting: Creating Drama

Why do you need Ambience Lighting, related to dimming systems and light level control? It entertains, it controls the mood of the audience, it can set focuses and remove them! Short: It creates the Action and Drama you need and want to manage with an investment in Luxury Home Lighting! Ambient lighting doesn’t usually use downlighting, it doesn’t create unflattering shadows. 

How to make a room inviting? Mood Lighting!

Mood lighting is as important and essential as it gets to the effect and the overall look of a room; you could go a step further and say without mood lighting a space would be empty! Making a room inviting is all about the usage of mood lighting: by creating light that counteracts the shadows in a room created by other lighting types! Mood lighting in its function for your overall luxury home lighting is mainly concerned with style, less with function! When choosing for example table lamps, pay not only attention to the proportions of the shade and base but equally to the proportion of the lamp to your furniture. A rule of thumb is: When in doubt, always go bigger! 

But there are lots of other considerations when it comes to shades too. 

Luxury Glow? Go for Silver or gold lining! A moody authentic atmosphere? That screams for darker shades! Do you want as much light as possible to shine through? Use paler tones! Without a doubt: No type of lighting is more powerful in manipulating the atmosphere!

Want to highlight a particular element of your home with Luxury Home Lighting? Use Accent Lighting!

With a particular task and function in mind, accent lighting exists and is used in order to highlight a particular feature in a room. Want to highlight artwork, your collection of luxury watches, a certificate or sculptures? Accent lighting is really the best way to do it! More Lumens is needed here and accordingly a higher level of Wattage!

Lighting Effects

There are a number of different effects lighting can create through the right and targeted usage: For example is downlighting a very popular part of luxury home lighting and most central lights and spotlights are part of it. Because of the fact that it is casting particular shadows, a counterbalancing segment is necessary! The opposite, the uplighting, uses and implements light in such a way in a room, that is bouncing off the ceiling and reflected into the room. While Wall washing is used to illuminate a vertical surface, wall grazing is used to highlight textures in a spectacular way. The most popular lighting is Spotlighting to highlights a particular element in a room. A very interesting and underestimated effect of luxury home lighting is the perimeter lighting, which expands a room apparent size, often used by interior designers for that reason!

Luxury Home Lighting: What to think of in advance and what not to do

Picture the room you want to use the lighting for in advance: Think about the furniture which will be included, special items needing accents and having special needs. A dimmer system is a must! Creating and developing a lighting scheme requires the planification of the relationship and correlation of the individual rooms! An aspect that a lot of people forget to consider is the lining of shades and how this affects at the end the emitted light. Last but not least plan the wattage well: Yes, a 60-watt bulb might assure bright light, but going a bit lower here is often much more inviting! Now besides those elements to consider there are some things that you shouldn’t do when talking about luxury home lighting: A layered theme is essential and a foundation for successful lighting, forget about a central light source! Outlets, outlets and more outlets! The enemy of designer home lighting? Extension cords everywhere! And NEVER, NEVER leave wires on the show! 

Which rooms require luxury home lighting?

The Living Room: THE Room!

Why does the living room get special attention and is unique? Because it is the main room you sit in and gather with other people, it represents you and your family, the environment and atmosphere you want to create and demonstrate in your home. Not just can you here really display a luxurious look, it is also impressive and a conversation starter if there are unique items demonstrated. It important is here to look at the items in the living room to create a complete ambiente, highlighting the correct segments in the right way and complementing their functions.

The Bedroom: Who doesn’t want a luxury sleeping experience?

This is room is the opposite: It is for you and your partner. The room with the highest level of privacy; for many in today’s era of hybrid and home office systems the only room where they can really relax and just think about reading a book, watching their favorite tv series, enjoy togetherness and most importantly, have a good sleep! Lighting plays a huge role when talking about one’s inner peace! Warm gold tones are a hot trend in luxury home lighting for bedrooms!

simple light: Luxury home lighting at pulpo

A light source of two cylinders in one, made of limestone and brass:

That’s the perfect desk light right there! Simple light by designer Harry Thaler came out of the collaboration with Venetian craftsmen and works fine both as task light or soft illumination!

Discover simple light and your luxury and designer lighting at pulpo today and contact us now for your luxury furniture!

luxus leuchte simple light bei pulpo