Quality. Diversity. Spontaneity.


Craft. Character. Creativity.

Lighting, furniture and accessories:The pulpo ranges are primarily noble, carefully handmade materials, going in the direction of arts and craft.

No contradictions. Many of our products have a unique character in their series production. pulpo products are substantially handcrafted, such as with glass-blowing, a human and unpredictable process that gives uniqueness, like ‘alwa’ with natural air bubbles in the tabletop, or the ‘maket’ vase full of overcooked glaze by RSW. For the execution of great

ideas, pulpo is backed up by local specialists. Most of the materials in glass and big ceramics come from affiliates in Veneto, which have a long tradition and techniques of glass blowing and handcrafting. pulpo uses high-quality raw materials because longevity, authenticity, quality and sustainability are essential.