Chouchou Stool


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The chouchou stool has all the right qualities to make you come back for one more bite. A ceramic form that is a mix of soft shapes and hard edges; a truly unique character has been created. Use it as a stool or side table, or let those sculptural qualities add some intrigue to your interior. Available in a series of mottled glazes, or a more classic gloss black, blue or rose, these shapes speak to the history of ceramic design in a contemporary form. A truly unique addition to any interior. Who wouldn’t want a chance encounter with a member of the chouchou family a little more often?

Designer: Lorenzo Zanovello

Material: ceramic

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black glaze, cobalt glaze, rose glaze, green glaze, white glaze, marble white, sand, tobacco, silver

Designed by
lorenzo zanovello



Lorenzo Zanovello was born in Bassano del Grappa on October 4th 1977. Now he lives and experiments in Nove. From an early age he began to play with the earth, a game that will soon become a passion. The search for new solutions led him to experiment with other materials such as: wax, wood, silicone, resin and glass, but his great passion remains the OPERATED CLAY. This material lets itself be expressed without inhibitions and limits and makes the work live according to a very ancient process.

It does not fundamentally follow a very specific theme, but leaves it to the soul to convey to the mind things that the hands will then shape. Love the earth, water, air, fire, the 4 elements that, when merged, give life to a mechanism sequential, rhythmic, harmonic. a process that Lorenzo, fragment by fragment, consolidates, giving shape to his works. A summary of a complex interiority, of a spirit in constant change, which shapes, which form, which evolves, which lives and suffers to give an aspect and a form to the work which it then leaves the conceptual space to immerse oneself in the reflection of anyone who poses front.