Pulpo 2021: IMI

Sebastian Herkner pays homage to the painter and sculptor Imi Knoebel with the handmade ceramic “imi” side tables for pulpo.

pulpo is honored to be on the list of Stylepark award winners once again.

For the glazes of the “imi” ceramic side tables for pulpo, Sebastian Herkner was inspired by the surprisingly varied colour combinations of the artist Imi Knoebel, who is one of the most important representatives of Minimal Art in Germany. With a diameter of 32 centimeters each and in two sizes, the round, column-shaped “imi” side tables are thus not only very practical but also contribute to a creative atmosphere in the room with numerous possible color variations of their ceramic elements. The spectrum ranges from a discreet interplay in muted tones such as black and green to showy variants in gold, rose or light blue. There are thus no limits to one’s own imagination in the individual design of “imi”.

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