It is just spectacular how table lamps influence the mood in the room and complement the style of living it expresses. Especially designer table lamps add personality and create an atmospheric ambiance. But not just this: They provide an additional, often very necessary and functional source of light! Pulpo offers a wide range of high-quality, efficient and modern designer table lamps for every room in your home.



table lamps online: the different types

What really makes table lamps stand out is their versatile character: They are decorative light sources with functional properties. Stylish and functional! As real all-rounders, they can be used everywhere to emphasize the atmosphere or certain elements and complement interior decorations and styles. They can be placed on desks, tables, sideboards and many other locations to achieve the desired effect. Classic and designer table lamps come in general as reading lamps, desk lamps or bedside lamps. Especially with different lampshades or a different lamp base, which makes the style of each lamp unique, each item can be customized perfectly. Differences can not only be found looking at the appearance of designer table lamps but equally in the materials. Most table lamps are made of metal, but there is a variety of different materials in the market available.


What is a Reading lamp and why do you need it?

Is there anything better than after a hard day of work reading in a cozy atmosphere? If you think so, too you need a reading lamp as soon as possible! The light intensity here is the key: Spending the perfect light without dazzling you, a difficult balance to achieve in perfection! While the function of this type of table lamp is obviously and cemented in the name, the decorative purpose and goal are often forgotten. A designer reading lamp is spectacular, a piece of art! Not just the design and style of the lamp itself but the shape it demonstrates and the style here is the key to success. The type of designer table lamps considered reading lamps give the perfect light for reading while creating a special mood in the room they are placed in and stand out as unique accessories for a home.


The King of table lamps: Desk Lamps

Obviously focused with their functionality on providing great bright light and avoiding casting annoying shadows, desk lamps are a must for all workplaces. It becomes a more and more famous item for everyone with the rise of the gig economy, contractors and remote work and the related work from home. For this type of light, the intensity is essential: Give priority to illuminants offering a wide dispersion of the light cone. As an effect, the workplace will be illuminated very evenly. Pro tip: LED bulbs are the best choice here due to their long service life and low consumption.


Everyone needs one: Bedside Lamps

This type of table lamp should be both: Stylish and functional! Eye Catching and useful! Scoring with features and a tasteful appearance, designer table lamps serve as a tasteful addition to the bedroom. Diversity: Because of the variety of designs, any living concept can benefit from them and re-light their home! Popularly used as a reading lamp on the nightstand, the bedside lamp is more: It is decorative lighting, that is also a practical helper when you want to leave the bedroom and do without the large ceiling lighting.



Functions of modern table lamps

Modern and especially designer table lamps possess many useful functions besides their aesthetic character. One example is the dimming function: enjoy the advantage that you can always adjust the light to the respective situation. Very trendy are also the so-called touch-me table lamps: all you need is a simple touch and you can turn the lamp on and off. Another great function and characteristic which is very popular are movable table lamps with several movable elements, which allows you to position the light as you need it. This gives you flexibility and optimal conditions based on different occasions and needs.



The right illumination: Are LED lamps bright enough?

Halogen lamps and LED lamps are especially suitable for bedside lamps. They reach maximum luminosity immediately after being switched on and prove to be a real asset in everyday life. However the highest light intensity is not everything: It should provide enough light for you to e.g. read your book, at the same time, however, it should equally create a cozy and atmospheric atmosphere! Lower brightness levels are sufficient so , too.  

LED lights and table lamps with dimming functions are a good intermediate solution because you can always adjust the lamp individually to the respective situation!

A LED light has a service life of about 20,000 hours. Compared with a normal light bulb, it adds only consumes about 80 percent of the energy. Still, you benefit from a high light intensity: Therefore, the classic LED bulbs are definitely bright enough and are suitable not only for decorative table lamps but also for desk lamps as well as reading lamps!





How many lumens does a designer table lamp need?

In general, we can say that 300-400 lumens are sufficient for a functional designer table lamp. In terms of brightness, this is enough for area lighting in any case. Table Lamps don’t have to illuminate the entire room, which affects the necessary lumens. The real purpose is usually to set cozy light accents that are sufficient, for example, to browse in a book.



The agony of choice with designer table lamps

The agony of choice: The hallway on the dresser, on the dining table in the living room or on the desk in the office? There are no limitations to the usage of designer table lamps. Flexible in transport and stylish in design and even more versatile in their usage and function, no matter indoor or outdoor: All this and more is provided and possible with designer table lamps!

Designer table lamps are suitable not only as a desk lamp at the workplace, but also as a focused bedside lamp next to the bed, or by turning the lampshade towards the sky, even as a ceiling floodlight!

With these designer accessories one could truly argue: The Sky is the limit!



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Sebastian Herkner bundles up the outer shape of the industrial monuments photographed by the famous Dusseldorf Becher School and the inner function of a steel casting foundry for oda. This glowing homage to light has become a popular reference to contemporary lighting design.

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