Winter is just around the corner: The outside walks and the time at the sea and beach will be replaced by the time watching Netflix or sitting on the couch reading a book. Coziness at home becomes even more important! How to give your home, decoration and style something that gets you fired up for this “boring” perspective? Get a beautiful ceramic vase: Not just the perfect excuse to fill your home with floral eye candy, it is an eye-popping accessory! Apart of that, ceramic vases for sale are the perfect gift for birthdays, mother’s and father’s days and wedding gifts! Ceramic vases fit without question into any home, no matter décor or style! 

There are literally thousands of options for ceramic vases out there: Even if you want a vase that is both functional and fits your decor, choosing one can be very difficult!

Pulpo is here to help you to choose the perfect ceramic vase. Contact us today and check out our designer ceramic vase product fg!


Ceramic vases for sale – variable and functional

Much more than just a place to store flowers: ceramic vases are expressive home accessories and emphasize your interior design style. No flower arrangements or branches? No problem at all: a ceramic vase is a very special piece of jewelry for your home! You can place it individually or as a duo or vase ensemble. Even as a planter or collectible on the shelf – the effect is amazing!

Do you want a different and individual style? Nothing is easier than developing a flexible and ever-evolving style with the usage of ceramic vases! Conjure up great effects with ceramic vases: From modern table decorations to classic variants. Variate and create the look and the atmosphere you wish for your décor! One of the best characteristics of ceramic vases is, that they are able to combine and create a perfect synergy between different table decorations and express beautiful unique accessories by setting focal points in a stunning way! Modern table decorations are indeed perfectly set off with ceramic vases.

The difference in available shapes, colors and design give this extra something to one’s decoration and presents guests with a color-coordinated image. Especially designer and luxury ceramic vases, such as our fg product, set special focal points, match trends and embellish any table decoration. They are true eye-catchers and can be equipped with the appropriate elements, like flowers and adjusted seasonally and occasionally. In today’s table decoration, flowers and other special accessories hardly present themselves in their classic way: In a ceramic vase, they decorate the table and have a great presence!


Benefits of ceramic vases

There are several benefits of choosing ceramic vases:

Of course, they are incredibly versatile and can be used for several locations and occasions; no matter if used for flowers, other accessories in the living room or garden: Ceramic Vases just fit everywhere. Apart they are sustainable and very durable, which means they are an long-term investment. This is a big advantage ceramic vases have over other materials like glass. Another big plus is that the material ceramic itself is of very high quality and gives your home a natural elegance like no other material used for accessories and vases in particular.



Ceramic vases for sale at pulpo: Your online luxury furniture store

Pulpo manufactures and sells unique ceramic vases in natural colors. The vases are handmade in our workshop, which makes each vase unique. Discover our product fg: With fg 1 / fg 2, Dutch design couple Steven Visser und Vera Meijwaard turned ceramic vases into all-purpose weapons. In two sizes and two colors.

Get your ceramic vases for sale “fg” at pulpo and discover our luxury furniture, high-end lighting and designer accessories today or contact us now!


Steven Visser und Vera Meijwaard keramische vasen