Congratulations to our amazing Sebastian Herkner designer of the year according to Elle Decoration!


A career can be driven by the awards that one receives along the way. But these awards do not seem to distract the forty-year-old German designer, who has been plowing his own furrow since 2006, despite the emotions underlying his research. Objects, lamps, and furnishings. Décor and interiors. With his senses awakened, he pursues “quality, honesty and sustainability”. A triad he translates each time into a new project, which Sebastian himself mentions. Either collaborating with the most acclaimed companies or alongside the artisans he came across around the world, from Colombia to Taiwan, the strength of his work has been boosted by his curiosity towards materials, techniques, and technology. He is a child of his time and experimentation is his distinctive trait. The result is always controlled and measured, rooted in tradition and in dialogue with Masters’ works, yet stunningly inventive. Whether it is an unusual combination of colors or the reinterpretation of shapes, the aesthetic gradient becomes an autonomous and modern interpretation of functionality. Perhaps this happens because his focus is on people, the environment and space. On variability. On the possible connections with an objects’ value and with the values that they can, and must, convey. Responsibility, culture and vision are in fact the other recurring words in his vocabulary. This new award may well please him, but we assume that it will just be a small step further into his personal investigation of the world. And also for him to be a little closer to us, who value his work.

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