Enhance your living room with designer glass side tables today: These modern tables not only add useful storage and visual order to your home: their attractive finishes also make your space feel brighter and, most importantly, more cheerful.  Complete your room’s established open-space motive with glass side tables while creating useful storage space for all sorts of occurrences!

Designer Glass Side Table made of glass is one of the most practical and stylish additions to your home: they give your rooms that finishing touch, that last something. Thus, for most people, they are an indispensable part of their room’s decor.

Meet our bent side table: The uneven surface of the cast glass tabletop harmonizes perfectly with the surface of the cast glass base. Rarely has the beauty of glass in all its forms been more clearly expressed! This glass side table connects, links and expresses itself in the multitude of its characteristics: with its simplicity, this piece of furniture can both, adapt to the environment and be the center of attention.


Designer glass side tables at pulpo: Jewels for living room and bedroom

Pulpo offers an incredible selection of designer Glass Side Table: All those who value aesthetics and functionality are guaranteed to find what they are looking for here! Our glass side tables are characterized by modern shapes and clean lines. No matter which design is desired: Should it be classic? Or would you prefer a striking eye-catcher that demonstrates originality? Aesthetics and quality always come first with our glass side tables!

Should your glass side table be round, square, oval or futuristic? While a square side table is traditionally used as a base for plants and decorations, round side table is more suitable for a break with coffee and snacks during meetings or social gatherings.


How to care for your glass side tables?

What distinguishes glass side tables? First and foremost, elegance and this is exactly where the difficulty lies: this elegance is fragile! If fingerprints, streaks or dust are visible the elegance is gone faster than you can imagine. Glass should always be cleaned with a damp cloth. Whether clean cloth, sponge or paper towels, all this can be used for cleaning. It is also recommended to apply some glass cleaner to the glass surface and then wipe the table thoroughly clean. After that, you should carefully wipe the glass dry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Tip: For stubborn dirt, steel wool works absolute wonders. 


Buy glass side table: What is there to consider?

Above all, some questions should be clearly answered in advance: What is the glass side table of choice to be used for? To place a plant? As a place of a work of art or as a bedside table?

Also, you should be clear about the height of the table, depending on the purpose of the glass table. What style is desired: a neutral, classic design or are you looking for an artistic statement? You should also consider exactly what special, functions and requirements you have for the side table.


Pulpo: Luxury Side Table and More

Pulpo offers you the best luxury and designer side tables and glass side tables online, but at the same time much more! Find your luxury lighting, high-end furniture and luxury furniture and luxury home accessories with us today and contact your online furniture store today!

Our variations and diversity of glass side tables are unparalleled:

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