Is there anyone in this world who does not like to have a little bit of luxury in their own home? The fascinating thing is that for every environment, for every taste, for every culture and every décor there are nowadays the right luxurious pieces of furniture and accessories! Nevertheless, what can stop you from adding luxury to your home are budget issues, your own creativity and imagination. Even a single luxurious item, a single element, can turn a room into something unique and special!

What is luxury? By definition, a contribution to a luxurious life, which includes elements that are elegant, lavish and indulgent. There are no limits to this: Furniture, accessories as well as decor, lighting and more: all different style elements that can transform a room, indeed an entire home from a plain picture into something classy. Luxury decor and luxury home furniture can make your space more comfortable and impressive.

What is a luxury furniture and what is its meaning?

The real motivation for the majority of people to treat themselves with luxury furniture is the idea and vision of them standing out in a unique way. Nowadays, it is generally much more important to have individual design options when buying than to own only big brands. As part of your own realization, you want to get exactly what you imagined in your artistic dreams, exactly in terms of the color of the fabric and the wood used for the legs. You want something unique, fitting your home and lifestyle, something that speaks to your soul: highly customizable options deliver just that! Customization being the keyword:  Not only does the quality and design need to be luxurious, so does the buying experience. The expected feeling of luxury doesn’t just start when the piece of furniture is on your own four walls, it starts with the purchase, with browsing the catalog, with the exchange with the furniture designer. Another trend goes in the direction of origin. Furniture, lighting, accessories and more from German production are synonymous with quality, safety and craftsmanship. If the furniture is made here, you and your guests can trust that it is made with care and without harmful chemicals.

Online shopping of Luxury Furniture

Online shopping has finally made the leap to high-end furniture. Luxury furniture online and online furniture stores are all the rage and trendy. Because this makes it easier than ever to furnish your home. Especially since new luxury furniture brands are offering free or discounted shipping as well as free returns or even in-home try-ons. Consumers want the entire buying experience to be tailored to them, and they want excellent customer service.

Reasons to buy Luxury Furniture

Of course, there is generally a whole spectrum of reasons for buying luxury furniture; 

almost all of these reasons are related to the strong emotions we associate with buying expensive material goods. For example, the feeling of having achieved something through hard work – or even purchase to be accepted or admired by others. One of the most important reasons not mentioned so far: Authenticity, authenticity and again authenticity! Why do many people refuse a fake Rolex to pay the full price for a real one, although both specimens are almost identical and, especially to the layman from the outside, absolutely identical? Because here the reasons of “wanting to impress others” or “wanting to be accepted” would therefore not matter; because no one but oneself would be aware of the fake. Quite simple: The owner himself knows exactly that he is just not in possession of a real luxury good!

Rational decision: No, of course not!  But studies show that the childhood of many people promotes the pursuit of absolute authenticity.  The sentimentality of the item – the memory or feeling when one has bought a genuine luxury item; is one or even the main decisive reason why we seek authenticity. To stay with the Rolex example: For some people, treating themselves to nothing at all would be the same as buying a hyper-functional fake watch for hundreds of euros.

What are the 8 most popular Luxury Furniture

1. Sofa

The king? The sofa! Extremely versatile and simply perfect for sitting, lounging, sleeping and more! Is a house really a house or home without a top-of-the-line couch? Well, that’s debatable!

2. Coffee Table

Not indispensable, but practical and just right for any living room. Drink coffee, read a book, home office: all Without this element much more difficult! 

3. Armchair

Armchairs, as preferred by psychiatrists and respected people, provide sheer comfort and aesthetic value to any home. An armchair is a must-have and a great addition to your living room!

4. Dining Room Table

The kitchen table or dining room table is the quintessential gathering place in many households. If you have a family or occasionally entertain friends: without a dining room table, this is a mess and much more difficult!

5. Luxury Lights

Luxury lightfixtures not only put an intangible glow on the entire room and home, they also add a touch of royal ambiance to one’s home. Whether modern or antique lights, few elements define the character and impression of a room more than luxury lights!

6. Wardrobe

Although bulky, closets are pieces of furniture that are extremely versatile and interesting. For anyone who has a need for hanging clothes, there are also no limits to the imagination. Various additional functions and extras can be super used here!

7. Bed

Without a bed, of course, nothing works: We spend about ⅓ of our lives sleeping on our bed! This is probably also the piece of furniture where many people often invest in a higher price range by sheer necessity and frequency of use, although not necessarily focused on luxury furniture!

8. Luxury Home Accessories

In the field of luxury home accessories, there are no limits to the creative spirit. Whether it’s tasteful bronze sculptures, versatile ceramic bowls, reflective glasses, designer bag emptiers, there are so many diverse interesting and unique luxury home accessories that it’s hard not to get carried away here!

Luxury Furniture at pulpo

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stellar pendant lights Sebastian Herkner