Do you know this situation? You sit in front of the lap top and dreamily browse through beautifully furnished rooms, only to look around your own apartment ruefully and think: Is this really it? Especially when it comes to furniture, we seem to be limited to what the big, cheap, mass-produced furniture stores have on offer at the moment.

But of course, that’s only until you discover luxury furniture online that you can use to upgrade your home: Exactly what pulpo offers you!

With the rise of the electronic hand, an incredible opportunity has presented itself to each of us: Namely, that of easily and conveniently adding incredible personality and value to our homes. Online furniture sites bring the feel of a luxury boutique to you. There is a world of luxury furniture from top designers: and it is within your reach! The online luxury furniture marketplace is full of unique opportunities for you to enhance your home.  But of course, there are big differences in terms of the main factors that distinguish a good online luxury furniture store from the one you’d better steer clear of.

Luxury furniture online and online luxury furniture stores must offer unique offerings from recognized designers, fast shipping, excellent customer service, secure diverse payment options, a good user experience and pleasant navigation and structure, and of course great photos of the items you want! Looking for the best online furniture stores, here are our picks:

1. Pulpo

Pulpo is a design editor of high-quality home products.

The passion for design and art is used as a driving force and can be seen in each of the products. Fascinated above all by the craftsmanship of ceramic and glass blowing, the company is guided by the raw aesthetics of these unique pieces. The philosophy of pulpo goes back to the idea of the “carte blanche”: designers and artists develop their designs freely and experimentally. Diversity in the fields of materials and structures is pulpo’s pronounced strength. An incredible variety and diversity of luxury lamps, furniture and accessories for the perfect home are offered here! Founded in 2006 by Ursula and Patrick L’hoste as a design brand at the intersection of form and material, pulpo’s made-up goal is to edit lighting, furniture and accessories according to the editors’ wishes. Collaboration with emerging designers and select manufacturers is the focus here, as is the nature of materials such as ceramics, stone and especially glass.

2. Naturepedic

Companies that value sustainability have always been exceptional and extremely popular because of their vision and mission! When this concept is combined with being able to offer the perfect sleep: Deep, healthy and safe, then a brand is already doing a lot right! The three premises of health, safety and environment characterize Naturepedic’s designs and offerings, making their products complex and high quality! Thus, non-organic materials are removed from the dreamy mattresses, including flame-retardant foam and polyurethane. The beauty of nature as well as your personal benefits are close to this brand’s heart; organic comfort delivers just that! For the infant, child, and adult mattresses, Naturepedic is without a doubt an absolute top place to consider to get exactly what you’re looking for in sleep for you and your loved ones: Rest, comfort and safety!

3. Sofamania

First-class sofas are rare, difficult to find and at the same time a must for an inviting home that should exude coziness and warmth. What factors play a role? The depth of course, a perfect arm height, strong lumbar support, especially for those working in the home office. At the same time, of course, general factors that are crucial for luxury furniture such as a beautiful design, durability, sustainability and suitability for everyday use! Sofamania offers a wide range of high-quality sofas. The company’s mission is to provide every home with a unique and comfortable sofa. This mission is to be fulfilled with real top prices with an eye on price performance,  Not only does Sofamania and the catalog here offer an almost incomprehensible selection of styles and fashions, but products are shipped free of charge and very quickly: Be assured that you will receive your desired objects on time! Sofamania is the best choice for someone who is looking for: comfortable cheap and high-quality sofas and fast and free shipping!

4. Yardbird

Everybody loves nature: the combination of fresh air, gentle sun rays and beautiful sunsets is the fulfillment of every dream! At the same time, one usually lacks the comforts of a real home away from home. Not with Yardbird: here you can find extremely durable coffee tables and seating groups that more than meet the special requirements for outdoor furniture, such as water resistance and durability! The online store Yardbird combines this with uncanny comfort! The love of nature comes first here, sustainability is the vision! At the same time, the prices are in order, because delivered directly from the supplier without between station. Are you looking for garden furniture for well-kept, ecologically chic outdoor areas: Then come to Yardbird!

5 Tom Dixon

Who doesn’t secretly love the ambiance and feeling of strolling around museums? 

Tom Dixon brings that feeling to your home! Originally famous for furniture and lighting collections, home accessories are now part of the range. Unique and wonderful vases, textiles for the sofa or artful impressive gift: Tom Dixon’s store is everything you are looking for and so much more! The basic idea of the British designer Tom Dixon is that your own home is an oasis of individual design experiments and your own style should come to fruition. Thus, many of the products even seem architectural or sculptural: One of many examples are the gilded dining tables! Each piece is unique and imposing!

Looking for artistic pieces for an eclectic but sophisticated look? Tom Dixon is your address!

The number one place for your luxury furniture online: Pulpo

Our featured selection of the best stores to order luxury furniture online is varied and diverse. Most importantly, you can get exactly what you are looking for and recognize yourself in each product and reinvent your home in a unique way!

Pulpo offers you an almost incomprehensible variety of lamps, furniture and accessories! Discover your unique handmade furniture from your favorite designer today and contact us now!

lyn cabinets by pulpo

lyn cabinets by pulpo