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“Notable design always mirrors rationality and emotion”, says Ferréol Babin. magma displays the production of the origins of glass and the connection of natural contrasts: glass on stone, light and dark, matt versus glossy, right angles versus curves.

Material: handmade glass + ceramic

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Dimensions N/A

one low, one high, two low, two high

Color Glass Shade

smoky grey acetato, white acetato

Color Base

black, colombia, white

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“Remarkable design for me is a fine picture of rationality and emotion”, says Ferréol Babin who works for companies, art galleries and collections, producing series as well as unique pieces. What all his objects, functional or artistic, have in common is his artisanal search for new forms. Similar to a sculptor, the French product and space designer loves to shape things with his hands, often with a focus on experiment, experience and surprise. Undoubtedly, this is the reason for his distinctive portfolio of furniture, luminaires and accessories, which all have a sensual, almost archaic design vocabulary. According to pulpo, to make an excellent design, the chemistry needs to spark between the house of design and the creative mind of the designer. When pulpo and the charismatic designer met during the Milanese furniture fair, it happened – the reason why Ferréol Babin is an exception to pulpo never giving a brief. The surprising results: Building, Lake and Mountain, a playful miniature landscape, part of the Fabulously Awesome Tablescape collection.