Unique luxury designer lighting will make your home your personal and cozy retreat where you can relax.

How do you create the right atmosphere, a perfect mood and that for any, really any occasion?

Whether designer pendant lamp or designer floor lamp: All kinds of luxury designer lighting serves in your home not only to provide light. Rather, luxury designer lighting is a furnishing stand that should and must fit into the stylish design of the rooms, just like any other piece of furniture, in order to achieve the desired results.

Especially in elegant, luxurious and tasteful living ambience, luxury designer lighting comes into its own, standing out for their unique design and bathing the room in a magnificent light.


Why is the lighting of luxury designer lighting so crucial

A room and atmosphere needs the right lighting to create a feel-good effect. Lighting affects all of our moods like few other factors in a home. It makes the difference between a threatening mood and a unique feel-good oasis through tiny nuances. Functionally, lighting from designer luminaires is necessary and practical for tasks of an everyday nature such as working at a desk, reading on the sofa or cooking.

Luxury designer lighting also likes to stage the room. As is well known, without light there are no shadows and also no colors. Without shadows and without colors, the eye simply cannot grasp and interpret the surroundings.

Designers focus on the luminaires not only on the exterior or on the internal lighting technology, but also on the use in the home. The shape and design of the luminaire follow the principle and pursue the goal, even the potential to stimulate the sense of visual in a positive way; thus perfecting the combination!

Have you ever wondered why many designers who specialize in designer lighting are architects? The creation of luxury designer lighting is based on the approach of thinking the external structures of the home inwards and how the internal structures can be presented in the most ideal way! Luxury designer lighting is generally intended for every conceivable place of a room, whether elegant functional lamps or exciting and more unusual luxury designer lighting!


Every room deserves its individual designer luminaire

The basic lighting of a room includes ceiling lights and designer floor lights, while pendant lights hanging in the room provide a beautiful light in high old rooms or above the dining table and kitchen counter.

Wall sconces have been somewhat forgotten in modern housing, but such inset designer lights are useful not only as exterior lighting, but also to illuminate narrow corridors or dark hallways and staircases. A space that can not do without a perfectly staged designer luminaire is the workplace: Here, designer floor lights must be movable, as well as have a large range of the articulated arm of the lamp for effective lighting.


Selection criteria of your luxury designer lighting: Shape, material and color

What purpose does the room serve? What effect do you want it to have on you? These are the two key questions when buying a light fixture!

Once the choice has been made regarding the type of luminaire, it really gets down to business: classic or modern is the question here? Simple or fancy? Luxury designer lighting has become more adventurous and experimental in recent decades, especially with regard to the material! Concrete, knit, paper, fabric, feathers: When it comes to designer lights, there are no limits.

In trend, but also seen extremely critical, LED lights: They divide the spirits. While everyone agrees that they are easy on the environment and the wallet, not everyone likes the successor to the light bulb. For many, LED lights outshine classic incandescent bulbs. For example, they have a much longer life.

Of course, there are no limits to the colors of your designer lights. For example, our magma lights come in smoke gray and white satin for a very classic and elegant impression and a unique mood.


Find your luxury designer lighting magma at pulpo

magma interprets the manufacturing process of glass as originating and combining natural contrasts: glass on stone, light against dark, matte against shiny, right angle against curves.

Get your designer lamp magma today at pulpo and contact us now! Also don’t forget to check out our wide range of luxury lamps!

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